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Wedding and corporate lighting - uplights raleigh nc - CWDJ Entertainment


Wedding Lighting | Raleigh, NC | Wedding DJ | UPLIGHTING | CWDJ
Wedding and corporate lighting - uplights raleigh nc - CWDJ Entertainment


Uplighting really sets the tone for elegance. It's amazing how much this lighting can change the atmosphere of your room/venue. Available at an additional charge, these wonderful lights can match the colors of your event and give it that extra spark. Over 50 different color choices to best match your colors. Great for weddings and corporate events.


Available from two to eight lights. Now offering one of our newest color choices 

(the highest frequencies of visible light) 


Wedding Lighting Effects | Raleigh, NC | Wedding DJ | CWDJ

lasers & effects

Our Lasers and FX are perfect to give your event that extra pop. If you're into making your dance floor a little more colorful then this is where it's at. Transform your dance floor into a night club feel. These lights can be added on to any package for a small additional charge.


Also available at an additional charge, a fog machine which goes perfect with these lights and takes it to an even higher level.

Wedding Lighting FX | Raleigh, NC | Wedding DJ | CWDJ ENTERTAINMENT

dance lights

Most companies charge extra for dance floor lights but at CWDJ, they are included with all of our packages which is a huge plus for you. When it's time for you and your guests to dance, these lights will inspire even grandma to get out there and show what she's got. These lights change many different colors and scan your room to the beat of the music.  If you're not into having this at your event, no worries - we can leave them at the office.

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