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Raleigh Wedding Catering Fun Alternative - A North Carolina Food Truck!

There is a something else that will draw attention to your wedding day in place of a full service wedding about a wedding FOOD TRUCK? Sounds fun right? It is and it tastes just as good as a plated meal. If you want the buffet feel for your guests to be served during your reception or if you want to add another fun element and include the actual food truck outside your venue, the choices are endless.

As a highly experienced Wedding DJ and Photo Booth entertainment company in the Raleigh NC area, we've seen and tasted many different food options at weddings and events but we think a food truck is one of the coolest yet. We've seen beautiful five star looking plated meals, we've seen taco bars, we've seen pizza tables but what about all different types of meatballs and pastas. YES this can happen and it's DELICIOUS!

Guests seem to love this and think it's the coolest thing but also adds a whole new vibe to your wedding day. If you want that little extra spark to stand out, then your guests will for sure remember that you did something different than any other wedding the've been to. Barone Meatball Company personally catered my wife and I's wedding and people still rave about it. Some of our friends liked it so much they actually drive around looking for the next spot the meatball food truck will be. From food truck rodeos to breweries to your wedding reception venue - Barone Meatball Company can handle just about any catering idea you throw at them. With many choices of main dishes and sides - they can even custom create the perfect fit that will fulfill your tastebuds.

With friendly and fun staff to insanely delicious options, consider being different on your wedding day with the perfect type of comfort food. ITALIAN. If you're not already intrigued, talk with their staff yourself to see how they can help turn your tasty wedding dreams into a reality.

(BTW they were featured on TV! They were seen on Food Truck Nation and also featured in many magazines and local news stories).



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