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Memories with the best Wedding DJ in Raleigh, NC

If you hire CWDJ Entertainment, you're hiring the most fun for you and your guests. With years of experience, this Raleigh, NC Wedding DJ company is the way to go. Award winning and fully insured, this company is your best option as an investment for your big day. Dancing, lights flashing, smiles and memories is what they'll create all night long for an experience you and your guests will never forget. They'll take your wedding reception to a whole new level with the way they control the music and read your crowd.

CWDJ is professional and they do weddings full time so you can feel confident you're getting the biggest bang for your buck. They are also highly experienced with corporate events and holiday parties making them well rounded knowing all different genres of music, understanding many different cultures and overall knowledgeable about the DJ industry in general.

The owner and the manager both held on-air radio personality positions on top 40 radio in Raleigh, NC with thousands of listeners per day. They know how to talk on the microphone, say the right things at the right time and also know how to stay on time. They work very well with other vendors and are very respected in the industry by their peers.

This one of a kind DJ company will rock your dance floor all night long but also offers the highest quality photo booth in North Carolina that your guests will thank you for. Using only the highest quality camera (not tablet) and giving you crisp 2x6 prints to every guest in the pic. The company has a sleek easy to read pricing brochure that lists their most popular packages, as well as, their most popular add ons. The packages are named with the inspiration around their headquarters. Historic, Downtown and Skyline represent the city of Raleigh all around them and the events they do.

You can hear the owner and the manager in their new fun wedding podcast called The Wedvice Show where they bring on special guests who are also wedding pros. The whole concept is to bring brides and grooms wedding advice. You can check out all of the episodes here.

If you want to see the DJ company in action at events or the photo booth snapping pics with all the things we have to offer see CWDJ's Instagram and Spark Photo Booth's Instagram.

We're ready to learn more about your wedding day or corporate event and get started in the planning process so let's get ready to pack your dance floor and create memories that will last a lifetime.


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