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Marquee Wedding Rentals

Introducing our newest add on for your Raleigh, NC wedding day! We now have two foot black matte lit marquee words to rent on your wedding day. Add a little something extra to your dance floor in front of the DJ booth to wow your guests just a little more. It looks amazing in the background of your wedding pictures.

Staring at only $595 we’ve got the perfect lit up wedding word for you to rent. our marquee rentals stand out and look amazing including the words “I DO” and “LOVE.” With ”FOREVER“ on the way soon, as well as, “MR & MRS” which includes and variations like “MR & MR“ and “MRS & MRS.”

To check availability on our marquee rentals for your wedding day in North Carolina, click here:

We can’t wait to “light up” your wedding night! It’s gonna be LIT!


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