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Finding the right DJ and Photo Booth

Our friends at (a new wedding website) wrote a great article on not skimping on your entertainment and why it is important to spend more money on your DJ and/or Photo Booth....

Cheap Wedding Entertainment Does Not Always Work Out Planning your big day should be an enjoyable experience; spending time with loved ones and friends, and seeing your wedding come together. During the planning process, there are invariably some things you may want to consider spending the money on, such as wedding entertainment. The entertainment you have at your wedding does truly set the tone, and will ensure your guests can share in this very special day and have an amazing time. When selecting a DJ or even a photo booth, it’s okay for the price to be one of the first things you look at when doing research. In fact, can help you determine what vendors are available, so you can choose the best possible wedding entertainment. When you are searching for a wedding DJ, you may find some with a low price, but no experience, which could end up being more of a risk than a benefit. Photo booth equipment is always getting better. These can be so much fun, and truly capture the lasting moments you and your guests are having. Spending a little bit more on entertainment will truly show your appreciation for everyone who is spending this amazing day with you. The experience your DJ has can be quite important, and more experienced wedding DJs will be worth the extra money you spend. An experienced DJ will have a better concept of timelines, and will certainly have the ability to read the dance floor and keep your guests up-beat, lively, and having fun. A professional wedding DJ will often have up-to-date DJ equipment, which they will tend to own, if this is their business. More importantly, their music library will be current, and have a wide selection of music for you to choose from. Professional DJs should have insurance, and all the proper licensing needed, making it a professional operation. While the intentions from friends and family are always good, spending that extra money to ensure you and your guests have a good time is totally worth it. Professional wedding DJs love the industry, have a passion for entertaining people, and are constantly trying to improve and expand their skills. They will tend to show more appreciation for their customers, and will want to do everything they can to ensure you and your guests have an amazing time. Entertainment is one of the biggest parts of your wedding reception; it is what will leave lasting memories for you and your guests. Professional DJs can add little touches to your wedding to make it more personal, and will take the time to get to know their clients, bringing a more intimate feel to your wedding. Typically, today many DJ companies will have access to the extras like photo booth rentals. They may also provide other add-ons like projectors, screens, lighting and other party favors. There can be a lot that does go into hosting a really good party, and putting a little bit more money into the entertainment budget will pay off in the end. Considering professional DJs is always a good idea, and during your search, you may connect with someone who really fits, and someone you feel will help you host your big day, and bring your party to life. Your wedding should be all about you and your guests, and the entertainment you provide can really cap off a touching ceremony, a wonderful dinner, and all the caring words said by family and friends.


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