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Bouquet Toss Songs....Besides "Single Ladies"

We know, you're tired of the cliche "Single Ladies" by Beyonce for your bouquet toss song at your wedding reception. Even though this song works extremely well for that's a tad played out. It's expected. It's the same song your friend used at her let's switch it up. We've compiled a small list of songs that some of our past brides have come up with (and a little direction from us here at CWDJ Entertainment). Below the picture is a list of the top 10 to try out on your big day. If you click the artist and song title it will bring you to the youtube link for you to take a listen to see if it will fit your wedding day vibe.

+ Beyonce - Love on top (If you still must use beyonce)

+ Kelis - Milkshake (if you want to be funny)

+ Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman (If you're into country)

Those are the most requested bouquet toss songs when planning your wedding day formality music. We can surely find something else that works if none of these fit your and your personality. We love to mold the music specifically to our brides that we're working with so sit down with us and let us help you come up with a perfect match for when you toss the beautiful bouquet to all your girls.


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