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What The Right Lighting Can Add to Your Wedding

At CWDJ we offer uplighting, dance lights, lasers, effects and a fog machine to give you a cloud look on the dancefloor. The right lighting can transform your venue and give you an extra boost of elegance. Lights get the party going and invite your guests to the dancefloor. Constantly changing colors and matching the beat of the song, the right lighting from CWDJ can keep your wedding reception going all night long.

Up Lighting

Uplighting is a technique that uses lights that are strategically placed on the ground to accent every part of the room. These lights can be used in various colors to match your wedding color palette. The right lighting can transform a plain wall into a beautiful backdrop for you and your guests. These colors can constantly change throughout the night, giving your venue a new atmosphere every time. Besides the aesthetic appeal, uplighting can be used to direct the attention of your guests. When speeches and announcements are being made, the lights can be directed at the speakers. This way your guests know where to be looking and focus their attention on. When you choose to add this on to your DJ package, CWDJ is able to transform your venue and give it that extra spark. You can choose from two to twelve lights, so it is great for any size venue.

Dance Lights and Effects

Dance lights from CWDJ come to you at no extra charge! Dance lights are such an important aspect of your reception because they keep the party going. When an upbeat song starts to play, the bright colors and shapes scan the room and invite all guests to the dancefloor. If you’re looking to add a little extra light to your venue, considering adding lasers and effects to your CWDJ package at a small cost. These extra lights give your dancefloor that nightclub effect. Still looking for that over-the-top, “wow factor” element to take your reception to the next level? Consider a fog machine to give your dancefloor a cloud effect. Our fog machines are placed on the floor at the DJ booth and use ice cubes and fog juice to give you a first dance in the clouds.

The addition of lighting can transform your venue into a magical room. Adding color, direction, and fun. CWDJ has multiple packages that you can combine and add on to your DJ and Photobooth. Visit us online or schedule an appointment to meet with us. We can discuss all of your wedding ideas and can work with you to turn your wedding dreams into reality.

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