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Covid-19 Event Procedures for DJ and Photo Booth - Raleigh, NC | CWDJ Entertainment

Covid-19 has unfortunately caused many weddings and events to be cancelled in North Carolina especially the Raleigh area. We at CWDJ are taking the extra steps and precautions for the safety of our clients, guests and staff.

Although there were cancellations and reschedules, there are still some events that are starting to take place as the different phases begin to take place.

For the DJ portion of our company:

  • We're currently not taking requests from guests

  • We're asking that when you dance, try not to get to close to each other

  • For speeches, we're asking for you to not use a microphone and speak up

  • We're not shaking any hands of any clients or guests

  • We're staying six feet away from other vendors

For the Photo Booth portion of our company:

  • We're asking that you let us limit the photo booth line to 15 people or less.

  • We're asking that you let us put an X with tape for people to know where to stand while waiting for separation.

  • We're asking that you agree to using no props at this time to prevent the spread and contact.

  • We always place the photo booth at least six feet away from the backdrop any way so we will keep this procedure for our staff and guests.

  • We are not letting anyone touch our photo booth at all except for staff.

  • There will still be no drinks allowed within the vicinity of the photo booth.

  • We are asking that you limit the amount of people in each picture to four or less.

We are adding extra steps along the way to ensure even more safe practices but the things listed above are what we are starting with. If we feel that we need to add more procedures then we will do so at a later time.

If you choose to not follow our procedures, you are risking our staff, your guests and yourself so please be smart and think about it before making a decision. This is a big deal that we do not want you to take lightly regardless of what you've heard about it. We all need to work together to #StopTheSpread. We can still have fun but we have to do it with caution.

We cannot wait for your event and we hope you stay safe and healthy during this time!

If you're planning your wedding or event at this time and you need a DJ and/or Photo Booth - we are still taking reservations for this year and next year (even 2022 now) so please send us a message to get started.


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