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Reschedule your Raleigh, NC wedding during Covid-19, Don't cancel.

If you're debating on canceling your Raleigh NC wedding because of the Corona Virus (Covid-19), we're highly recommending that your reschedule your wedding day to the fall, winter or even next year. If you've booked CWDJ and need to reschedule - please visit our website asap.

Things to keep in mind before rescheduling:

1. You may lose a specific vendor who is not available for your new date SO the best thing to do is get with all vendors before deciding on a date. Don't pick a new date before checking with all of your booked vendors and make sure you read through any contracts you signed so you know all of the policies before changing anything.

2. You may lose money if you decide to cancel all together so the best option is just reschedule or simply postpone. If you postpone, you still won't get a refund most likely but the good news is that most wedding vendors will allow you to keep a credit with them on file until it used. This will give you the option to hold off on a date for now but plan something in the future a year or two down the road once all of the covid-19 stuff clears up.

3. Be courteous and mindful that there are many other couples in the same position as you and they are dealing with the same situation so be respectful and fair while rethinking your wedding day planning. We're all in this together so try to be as flexible as possible during the outbreak so we can all get through it as easy as possible. We don't want to create any more of a headache, financial hardship or emotional stress for you, other clients or our company.

4. The best way you can support your wedding entertainment vendors or other local small wedding businesses during this time is (if you can financially do so) pay your balances early or find creative ways to help your current booked vendors. You can post about how excited you are to work with them, share their pages and even tell other friends getting married. If you've enjoyed working with them so far and you trust them enough go ahead and write them a great five star review to tell other brides how amazing they've been so far during these hard times. There are many creative things you can do to support your Wedding DJ and other local wedding vendors even if you don't have the financial ability at the moment. The wedding industry thrives off of word of mouth, reviews, building their brands throughout their community and social media presence. Maybe even start a blog in your spare time on what challenges your facing for your wedding because of covid-19 and include links to your vendors on what awesome things they've done for you or helped you with.

We will all be saved soon if we can all be super heroes and stay home to stop the spread.


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