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Want to learn how to DJ? Be the next best Wedding DJ with CWDJ classes.

CWDJ wants to teach the art of DJ'ing to you. If you have the passion, the interest and the drive then let us teach you how to DJ with an outlined and detailed education course on how to be come the next best Wedding DJ in the Raleigh area.

You will need your own state of the art DJ controller, headphones and laptop to get started. We will cover all of the basics and beginner information in course 1. Then in course 2, you will have an opportunity to gain some tips, tricks and skills to help you start doing your own small parties and gatherings. If you chose to enroll in course 3 that's where you learn all of the important details about how to DJ a wedding.

Each course is one hour long and price varies by course. If you're interested in learning how to DJ from entertainment experts who have been in the events business for more than fifteen years, email us today for more information - we'd love to help you get started.

Each course comes with 10 sessions (once per week). The total classes for all three courses will amount to 30.


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