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What am I getting when paying for a Raleigh Wedding DJ?

There are many key factors that go into a Wedding DJ. Only the professional ones know all of the right things to do to make it a smooth night. In the wedding industry you do get what you pay for so think of your Raleigh Wedding DJ as an investment for your big day. People may not remember the table cloth colors you spend money on or what kind of flowers you had or even what the side was with dinner. They may not even get a slice of that expensive cake. THEY WILL REMEMBER HOW FUN YOUR WEDDING WAS (or how bad it was if you don't hire CWDJ). You want to have a good time, you want your guests to have a good time. That's where we come in. Wedding Industry Pros. A company that will make you say, yeah they were definitely worth it!

There are some cheaper DJ's that may be "ok" at weddings but they may not be pros who do it all the time or even work with top of the line vendors. They may have a full time job in a complete different industry and just making money on the side on the weekends. That's great because that's how we started as well BUT that's what sets us apart now. We know the industry inside and out and do this every weekend and run our wedding business all week long as our full time job. We spend time on our clients, we pay attention to detail, we keep up with he latest trends, stay updated on music, we're quick at responding, we communicate with other vendors and so much more because we can. We have the time because it's all we do. You want someone who is extremely focused who will be the best fit for your big day. Let us list the key things that go into DJ'ing a wedding that you may have not even realized. We don't just show up and hit play on a spotify list....


1. We spend time going through your emails and pay attention to detail. This includes notes you send us, specific instructions, voicemails, texts, online bridal portal details, how to pronounce names correctly, what time guests will be getting there, if there is electricity close by, where the venue is located, specific load in instructions...etc. There is a lot of details that can easily get missed by a cheaper DJ. We highly recommend doing your research.

2. We spend time building our website and social media accounts so you can see us in action and all things we have to offer. It will give you a feel for the vibe we will bring before you decide to hire us. Some cheaper guys may not have time or skill to keep up with this.

3. The owner and manager have music industry and radio experience with college degrees in the field. This means staying on schedule, interacting with people, making announcements, utilizing the microphone properly, knowing about sound levels and noise ordinances, how to properly hook up equipment, how to look professional, how to come dressed for the occasion, good hygiene, great attitude, extensive music knowledge and more. Some of the cheaper guys may not be skilled in all the important areas like we are.

4. Prepping music folders, music cues for specific moments, specific versions of specific songs...etc - that all goes into our prep time to be even more professional so when we show up we're 100% ready to rock and all you need to focus on is getting married and having fun. We've seen many DJ's ruin a wedding and it's scary, unpleasant and uncalled for. You're hiring us to host the entire evening, to make everyone have fun and to keep people informed of big moments throughout the entire wedding. You'll be in good hands with us.

5. Many brides do not realize that you're paying way less than you think for the amount of work we actually do and the type of services we actually provide to our clients. Say you book one of our DJ and Photo booth wedding packages that says you'll get four hours of each. Now think about how much prep time we're going to put into that too:

-music prep (about 4 hours)

-printing back up documents of your song requests, timeline, bridal party names..etc (approximately 1-2 hours)

-all the emails, calls and texts we do with you to talk out details and changes (approximately 2 hours total)

-designing and editing a logo for your photo strips that print out (about an hour)

-talking with your wedding planner or other vendor about wedding day details to be on the same page (about an hour sometimes more)

-arriving early before your guests get there and paying staff to be there ahead of time (around 2 hours sometimes more)

-any issues we run into like rain plan, guests running late, pictures taking too long (sometimes an hour or more)

-break down of equipment can take an hour or two depending on what you reserved.

All of these things above just made your "4 hour package" go to an 18 hour package because of how much hard work we put into your wedding day entertainment to get it right.

No matter what other vendors or other wedding websites tell you. Your wedding entertainment is a HUGE part of your night. Always keep that in mind and think how important that is to you. Read reviews on what other brides had to say about us. You'll be happy you booked CWDJ for your wedding. Think about it like this - It's one of the biggest days of your life, it's costing a lot, it's stressful, it's overwhelming so would you rather risk buying a used car from some guy that will give you a "deal" on your wedding day or would you rather go with a reputable new car for a competitive price for peace of mind knowing your wedding day will be just like you want it. Your choice but we highly recommend going with the better option :)



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