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Why Your DJ Is The Most Important Part Of Your Reception

The memories made on your wedding night are made on the dance floor. It’s important that the right music is playing to keep your guests dancing the entire night. Your DJ is responsible for making sure the first dance, cake cutting and bouquet toss all happen on time. A wedding DJ has many more roles, so it is important to find the right one for your big day.

What To Look For

When you start looking for the DJ for your wedding, you want to make sure you find the right one, so come prepared with a list of questions. You want to be looking for a professional business, not someone who does this as a side job. Getting that distinction is easier than you may have thought. When you meet your potential DJ, ask them all about themselves. Where do they normally perform? Are weddings their main focus, or do they do clubs and other appearances? If they primarily do weddings, ask how many they do in a year. Finding a DJ with a wide range of experience and versatility is a good trait to have.

Ask about the equipment they use, and are they certified? When a DJ is certified, they know everything there is to know about a sound system. This is an important aspect of having a DJ, because at your reception you want everything to sound perfect. When music is too loud, you can’t hold a conversation at a table. When it is too low, no one is having fun on the dance floor. Find a DJ who has experience and knows how a wedding reception should go.

A DJ Goes Beyond Music Delivery

When you hire the right DJ, they are dedicated to you and your special day. They know it’s all about you, so they will make sure everything is right. They will meet with you in advance to create a setlist. They will know exactly what songs you want to hear, and which ones you don’t. They will also visit your venue before, to know the size, exactly where they will set up, and what equipment they will need. If the venue is too far away to visit in advance, they will communicate with the venue staff to get all their questions answered ahead of time.

The right DJ will want the reception to go smoothly, just as much as you do. On your wedding day, your DJ will be the one making sure everything goes according to schedule. They will provide background music as all your guests arrive, as well as helping your guests find their tables. They will direct your guests through the whole night. Announcing your entrance, first dance, dinner serving, cake cutting and more. Your guests will always know where to go and what to do.

CWDJ is a five star entertainment company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We are your go-to wedding DJ, photo booth, and getaway car company. We service Raleigh to Wilmington, and will travel to other destinations by request. Your special day is just as important to us, so come meet with us today and see what we can provide you! Contact us today at (919)-610-9983 to set up your appointment.

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